Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Under the Sea Party Five-Part Series: Part Four -- Party Hats, Skirt, Apron and Table Runner

Welcome to Part Four of my Five-Part Under the Sea Party Series -- Party Hats, Skirt, Apron and Table Runner. If you missed the first three parts of my series, you can find them here:

Part One: Invitations
Part Two: Decorations
Part Three: Cake and Desserts

It all started with this fabric. I was perusing the aisles of JoAnn Fabrics, when I stumbled across this mermaid fabric and the wheels started turning. You know exactly what I'm talking about. 

I purchased 3 yards of fabric for about $18 and from it, I was able to make a skirt and headband for the birthday girl:

A table runner:

An apron for myself:

And party hats for the girls:

Now, I'd say that's economical. But more importantly, it's way too cute.

Skirt and Headband

I'm a very beginning sewer. But I will tell you that my mom always said that once you get bitten by the sewing bug, it's hard to ever recover. And I've been bit. Since I am just starting out sewing, I sought out a pattern that involved minimum techniques and one that was overall very easy to put together. This very easy pattern can be found HERE. It was a very straightforward tutorial, except I did have a little trouble with the sizing. The bloggers says to lay out 1/2-yard of fabric for a 3-year old, but I needed much closer to a yard. Other than that it was great and very easy to follow.

I found the headband pattern HERE. I added the flower because I felt it needed something else. I cut the petals from ribbon and added a button for the middle. The hardest part of the headband was turning it right-side out.


It was an afterthought to make an apron. I woke up early Sunday morning and found a very easy pattern for an apron. The apron pattern can be found HERE. Luckily, I had this coordinating fabric to make the ties from. This too was a very easy pattern to follow for a newbie.

I also made a matching headband by simply wrapping strips of fabric around an old headband. I'm clearly into headbands.

Table Runner

I measured the length of table runner I wanted, which happened to miraculously correspond with the amount of fabric I had left. I did a quick hem around the perimeter and voila! There's my very easy table runner.

I also ran some leftover tulle from my ceiling decorations and wrapped a white bow around it on both ends.

Party Hats

For the hats, I followed the tutorial HERE. They were fairly easy. I created a hat template from an existing party hat.

I used that template to create a hat form out of card stock. Then I traced around the fabric, leaving a few inches on the edge to pull over and hot glue to the paper. I sprayed one side of the paper hat with adhesive and smoothed the fabric on top of it. Then I flipped it over and started hot gluing the edges over.

I did that all of the way around and then rolled the hat together to form a cone. I applied hot glue to the seam.

I started to apply ribbon to the bottom with hot glue as well.

And I just sort of made little loops on the bottom, gluing at every loop.

The hot glue strings easily come off the final product.

For the strap, I used some plastic stretchy string used for bracelet-making.

I tied knots in each end.

And I ran a needle threaded with the cord through the fabric on the inside of each hat.

For the top, I followed the tutorial and cut out tulle 2.5" in width for the full length of the tulle. I ran a needle and thread through the middle to create gather the tulle.

Then I pushed the tulle down the length of the thread to create a ruffle.

 And I ran the  needle through the other end of the tulle to connect both ends and create a tulle ball.

I hot glued it to the top of hat.

Then we tried it on for good measure.

And lined them up like soldiers waiting for the party.

All in all, I'd say all of the pieces were a hit!

Don't forget to check back for the final installment -- Thank You Notes!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Girl Scout Daisy Caring and Considerate Green Patch: Zinni the Zinnia


My Daisy troop recently earned our green caring and considerate patch by learning about Zinni the Zinnia. Zinnias happen to be one of my favorite flowers. They are easy to grow from seed and are very low maintenance. This past summer, I had big troubles growing them because of a rabbit infestation and the major drought we were experiencing. But this year, I hope to get them growing again!

The girls have come to expect that we recreate the flower we are learning about in our ending craft. This was the closest flower craft to a Zinnia I could find that would be easy and fun.

Each girl gets three strips of paper, a pipe cleaner and a cotton ball. They will need glue sticks to complete this project.

You start by simply gluing each end of the paper strip together to form a circle. And then gluing them in the middle to create figure eight type shapes.

They will have to hold the strips together for a bit to make sure they adhere. I suggest using lightweight paper for this. Heavy cardstock simply won't hold. Next, glue one figure eight on top of the other to create an X.

Finally, glue the last strip straight up and down on top of the X. You've now formed the base for your flower.

Slide one end of the pipe cleaner in one of the petal openings and glue.

Curve the bottom of the pipe cleaner, looping one edge over the stem so it stays. Attach the cotton ball in the middle with glue (jumbos work really well for this!) and you're done!

These would be really cute in all different colors in a bouquet for a Mother's Day craft! Needless to say, the girls loved making their Zinni the Zinnias and immediately wanted to know what we were doing at our meeting next week!

Tell next time,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Under the Sea Party Five-Part Series: Part Three -- Cake and Desserts

Welcome back to my Under the Sea Party Series. This is Part 3: Cakes and Desserts. The first two parts of the series are Part One: Invitations and Part Two: Decorations.

As you can see from above, I made a sandcastle cake for my little mermaid girl.

I based my cake off of this post I saw on Pinterest. I did not follow the directions exactly. My baby girl's favorite flavor cake is chocolate, so I knew I wanted to make chocolate cakes. I also knew that I was going to cover the cake in graham cracker crumbs. So I immediately thought of a s'mores type cake.

Here's how I did it:

Earlier in the week, I baked three chocolate cakes in an 8-inch circle pan, a 10-inch circle pan and a 10-inch square pan. I wrapped them tightly, froze them and on the morning I planned on decorating the cake, took them out of the freezer to thaw. The 10-inch square was the base, next was the 10-inch circle and then the 8-inch circle cake.  All of the cakes were stacked upside down. I put chocolate frosting between all layers.

I made marshmallow frosting using this recipe. I made two batches and had plenty left over. I ended up adding a lot more of the fluff than indicated because I wasn't really tasting the marshmallow from it. This was not a sugar-free day.

I covered all of the layers with a thick coat of frosting.

Then I covered all of the layers with graham cracker crumbs. I pushed them in slowly and firmly, hoping to get complete coverage. The crumbs that dropped on the platter stayed there because I ended up adding more as "sand." Then I used jumbo and regular ice cream cones and sugar cones to create the tower portions of the castle.  The tricky part was cutting the tops off of some of the sugar cones so they would fit properly in the regular cones. A few cracked, but I had plenty left over. I used the Honey Graham sticks as the decorations around the cake.

That was it!

I made some sea creature candies from a Wilton candy mold and placed them all around. For the other desserts, I made vanilla wafer clams.

I simply sandwiched two vanilla wafers with Nutella and a pearl-like candy I bought from JoAnn's. I also created sea-like crustaceans using marshmallows, Wilton candy melts and sugar.

It was a hit with the birthday girl herself, which really is all that matters.

It was complete with three hot pink candles. Oh and princesses, of course.

Don't forget to check back for the remaining two parts of the Under the Sea Party Five- Part Series:

Part Four: Party Hats, Skirt, Apron and Table Runner
Part Five: Thank You Notes

Till next time,

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