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Rapunzel Party Series -- Part 2: Desserts and Decorations

Welcome back to the Rapunzel Party Series! In this installment,  Part 2: Desserts and Decorations, I am going to detail a few of the decorations we made and show all of the desserts I pretty much copied off of Pinterest!

Hanging Lanterns

I had this bright idea to make the hanging lanterns that surround Rapunzel and Eugene when they are on their boat singing, I See the Light.

Even though my daughter wanted to hang real lanterns with real flames from the ceiling, I had to put the kibosh on that idea for obvious reasons. So after much thought, I figured out the perfect way to recreate the hanging lanterns. And it was probably the easiest thing I did for the party!

I bought a pack of yellow craft bags from Michaels that measured 4 5/8" x 2 7/8" x 8 5/8."

I cut the bottom off, right at the fold.

Then I opened up the bag so it was 3-dimensional.

I bought the Cricut cartridge Life is A Beach (on sale!) specifically for the sun symbol because is resembled the sun from Tangled so strongly. I cut out two different sizes of suns (3" and 5") on purple card stock and removed the inside face so it was empty in the middle. And then my daughter glued them onto the middle of each lantern on both sides using a glue stick.

Then I attached thread to each side using double-sided tape and taped them randomly to the ceiling at different heights.

Bunting Banner

I also decided to make a bunting banner similar to the one found in the actual movie. Instead of putting sun images on the whole thing, I decided to make it say 'Happy Birthday.'

I cut the triangles out of purple card stock. The bottom of the triangle is 4" which means the top point of each triangle to each corner is 2". Wow. I know there's some sort of equation out there using words like hypotenuse and Pythagorean theorem, but I can't translate that to this triangle. If you make a diagonal cut every 2" you'll be in good shape for a triangle.

I connected each triangle with thread I pulled through holes I punched in each corner.

I cut out 3" letters using my Cuttin' Up Cricut cartridge for my message and cut out 2" sun images for each side from the Life is A Beach cartridge.

Then I cut golden sixes from glitter paper and stuck it between words.

I used double-sided tape to attach all of the images, letters and numbers. I hung it in a doorway between the living room and dining room using a Command hook. When I took off one hook, I totally ripped off all of the paint and some drywall.

So that was nice. I will say I used tons of these on the ceiling for my Under the Sea party decorations and I had none rip. I guess I got a lemon.

Rapunzel Hair

I made a 50 ft rapunzel hair that I braided with ribbon. If you follow me on Instagram, you know all about it. I used on huge pound of golden yarn.

And I basically unwound the whole thing in 150" increments. So each side was 150" and the entire cut strand (rounded at the top) made the whole thing 300" long. I followed this tutorial

Quite honestly, I was unhappy with the way it turned out. It wasn't smooth at all and there was really no way to smooth it out without creating a terrible, terrible mess of knots. I think this may have happened because I did it by myself. It started with my older daughter and me, but then I heard myself saying things like, "If you don't stop fooling around and make it straight, I am going to throw this hair in the garbage." I didn't want to create those types of birthday memories, so I released her from duty and kept on by myself.

I ran it along the dessert table and stuck some golden sixes in it, so for the most part, you couldn't see how unsmooth it really was, but nonetheless, it was not my favorite part of the party.

Rapunzel Table Runner

I also created a table runner from Rapunzel sheets I ordered online. I basically just cut off one half and hemmed the other side. The sheets worked great.

Cupcake Toppers

I printed the images for the cupcake toppers from here. Then I punched them out using a 2" circle punch. I made another circle measuring 3 3/4" using my Celebrations cartridge and then a 3" scallop from the same cartridge. I used the blackout feature for each shape. I attached all of them together using double-sided tape and then taped the whole thing to a lollipop stick.

I alternated the papers for a little pizazz.


I copied the desserts from Pinterest. And I have no shame!

I obviously made cupcakes that I topped with purple icing and sprinkled with edible gold glitter. I made ice cream cone towers loosely based on this tutorial.

And I made the tower cake based on this tutorial.

But of course, I had to use way more pecan rolls because I wanted the tower to be really really tall. Because I used too thin of a dowel, I was turning away from the cake at one point to get some frosting and I heard a strange noise coming from its direction. I turned and the dowel was bending so severely, I actually started laughing. I ended up taking off around 8 pecan rolls and using ten compared to the tutorial's six. I also covered two styrofoam circles with green construction paper to get a bit more height.

I was desperately running out of time, so I slathered green frosting on all of the tower-like desserts to resemble grass. Not too shabby for a non-cake decorator!

I also made those little cute boats using blue jello, but no one had idea what they were supposed to represent except for my 8-year-old niece. I made little flags to go on top of them with leftover card stock.

That's it for Part 2: Desserts and Decorations. If you missed it, you can view Part 1: Invitations here. And stay tuned for Part 3: Clothing and Part 4: Thank You Notes.

Till next time,

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