Saturday, June 29, 2013

Completed: New Look Skirt 6192, View B

My first skirt! In April, I told you to watch for a post coming soon about the orange polka dot skirt you spied in the corner of the picture. And here it is, June, two months later and I'm just getting to posting this!

I began sewing in January. I wanted to make myself a skirt that was easy, cute and flattering. I bought New Look 6192 on a whim and decided to make view A. Not good. Too straight for my, errr, curvy figure. I had cut a size 14 for view A and it was a tad big, so I tried view B and I sized down to a 12. It worked perfectly! I used a orange polka dot quilting cotton (gasp!). It washes great, but needs a quick iron before wearing.

I am still trying to get used to using the self-timer on my camera, using a ladder as a tripod and getting the correct perspective. I'm really not into photography, but some times you just have to bite the bullet and embrace.

I made some changes to the pattern.  I altered the waistband by simply not adding a drawstring to the middle portion. I used 3/8" elastic on the top and bottom portions, which created a smooth, semi-flat waistband.

I also added a lining.

I made another version using a vintage-inspired yellow cotton:

I altered the waistband here, as well as added a lining. I did just iron this, so I have no idea where the wrinkles came from, but now that I think about it I did squeeze in making lunches, throwing a load in the washing machine and hemming a pair of shorts for my daughter before my photo shoot!

I wear these skirts everywhere in place of shorts. I've never really like shorts. Shorts have never really like me. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I've made a few more versions, which I'll post about soon!

Till next time,

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