Friday, March 1, 2013

Sunny the Sunflower: A Girl Scout Daisy Craft

Sunny the Sunflower, our friendly and helpful flower from the Girl Scout Daisy garden was our second patch to earn. Thankfully, Sunny the Sunflower did not meet the same fate my sunflower sprouts met this past summer. Each sunflower seed I planted next to the shed, was quickly nibbled by one of the stupid rabbit families that was living under our shed. Or maybe it was one big happy family. Whichever the case, I never did see my sunflower sprouts get any higher than 1-inch. Mid-summer, though, my husband chased all of the rabbits out from under the shed and put up lattice, so hopefully this will be the summer of the sunflower.

Our Girl Scout Daisy meetings have taken on a natural rhythm of their own: We start with an opening craft as everyone is coming in. It's usually a pony bead bracelet representing the color of the patch we will be earning during the next two weeks. After that, we head over to our circle and begin our business, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. We then begin to talk more in-depth about the patch we will be or are learning about. This particular week, we read our Sunny the Sunflower story and talked about what it means to be friendly and helpful.

In between our talk and our closing craft, which is the main craft, I usually have them play a "Get the Wiggles Out" activity because 5- and 6-year-olds can realistically only pay attention for so long before every one of their limbs is screaming at them to move, move, MOVE!

When I showed the girls this craft, they were so excited. I had printed out the template and cut each piece out prior to the meeting.

 I brought blank pieces of paper and had the girls glue the pieces back on with a glue stick.

Prior to the meeting, I cut out strips of green and yellow tissue paper, in swatches of about 1-inch by 3-inches.

The girls crumpled up the green tissue paper and began gluing it on, following the template.

 Once they finished the green parts, they moved onto the yellow parts.

Then, we filled the middle of the sunflower with actual sunflower seeds and glue. The girls really loved this part!

It was the perfect Sunny the Sunflower craft for my little K-level Daisies!

Till next time!

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