Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Under the Sea Party Five-Part Series: Part Two -- Decorations

Welcome to the second installment of my Under the Sea Party Five-Part Series. In Part One, I showed you how to make the extremely easy mermaid party invites. In this second part, I am going to show you how I created an "Under the Sea" experience.

I was roaming through JoAnn Fabrics, tightly grasping a 50% off one cut piece of fabric, when I came across the tulle. I instantly thought of water and had visions of myself somehow adhering it to the ceiling. And then I laughed, as two men in camouflage John Deer jackets were also suspiciously looking at the tulle, thinking how absurd it was for me to think we could actually be under the sea in our Under the Sea party.

Ten minutes later, I was standing at the cutting counter asking how many yards were on the bolt. Five minutes later I was sitting in the car with 10 yards of bright blue tulle. So that's how this Under the Sea party began.

Here's what you need to create your own under the sea tulle ceiling:

  • Tulle
  • Butcher's twine
  • Ribbon
  • Small Command hooks with adhesive stickers

I soon figured out that I was going to cut pieces of the tulle in a yard or yard and a half increments and then tie off sections of the tulle with the butcher's twine.

But, I didn't want the butcher's twine to show from under the sea, so I trimmed each side and then tied an iridescent blue ribbon over it.

Then I looped the hook part of the Command hook underneath the twine and ribbon.

Then I added the removable adhesive on the back and started adding it to the ceiling, quite randomly.

I kept stepping off of the ladder and looking to see if it was balanced. When I felt it was full enough and balanced on both sides (and knowing I did not have much tulle left) I stopped.

To complete this, I cut seashells, seahorses and fish from the same Cricut cartridge I used for the invites (Paperdolls) and hung them from the ceiling using thread and tape.

I also cut out mermaids and sea shell shapes to hang from my light fixture since it's sort of in the way. I had no way of getting rid of it, so I decided to work with it.

Using the same Paperdoll Cricuit cartridge and the Cuttin' Up cartridge, I made a banner with seashells on each side and circles under each letter. I assembled it the same way I did in my Minnie Mouse banner tutorial, with a hole punch and ribbons.

I had a little leftover tulle and I ran it under a table runner I made out of mermaid material (coming in Part 4!) that I used on the dessert table (coming in Part 3!) and tied off each end with white ribbon.

It turned out great and my kids were ecstatic to be under the sea and my niece said, "Wow. This is sooooooo cool." Which in kid talk directly translates to: This is the best thing I've seen in the last ten minutes.

So I'll take it.

Don't forget to check back for the remaining three parts of the Under the Sea Party Five- Part Series:

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Part Four: Party Hats, Skirt, Apron and Table Runner
Part Five: Thank You Notes

Till next time!

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  1. Hey Gina! What Cricut cartridge did you use for the seashell?


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