Thursday, January 24, 2013

Veggie-Stamped Lupe the Lupine: A Girl Scout Daisy Craft

 So this is a radish ten little girls used to stamp Lupe the Lupine.

Who is Lupe the Lupine? Lupe is one of the flowers in the Girl Scout Daisy garden. Each flower in the garden represents a characteristic from the Girl Scout Law. Lupe represents honesty and fairness. As part of our meeting designed for the girls to earn the light blue Lupe patch, we had a craft dedicated to dear Lupe the Lupine.

Meet Lupe:

This is a coloring book we created when we were learning the Girl Scout Law.

If you follow me on Instagram or on Pinterest (two fairly new endeavors for me), you might have noticed I have been posting a lot of Girl Scout Daisy schtuff. That's because I am a new troop leader, with ten little girls in tow, exploring my way through each patch.

So I try to come up with crafts that are age appropriate (5/6 years, kindergarten) that are fun and quite frankly not too much of a mess. I had heard of people stamping with potatoes and when I looked at Lupe, she sort of looked like a collection of stamped potatoes. I ended up getting a bag of radishes too because they were on sale and I thought they might add some variety to the shape and size of her petals.

So as you can see, there was really no difference between the potato and the radish. But despite this minor fact, this craft was a big winner with the girlies!

So we basically used ink pads designed for kids, halves of potatoes and radishes and crayons. I found some watercolor paper packed away in the mess I call my craft room, thinking the thickness of the paper would be best for a stamping project with kids.

I was right.

This was the perfect mess-free fun and interesting craft that kept my Daisies engaged and sad when we had to pack up to leave!

Meet the potato- and radish-stamped Lupe:

Ok, so drawing was never really my strong suit.


  1. Wow! Great idea! I will definitely try this one with my 2 kids.

  2. Do you have a pdf download available for your coloring book?


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