Monday, November 26, 2012

Kid's DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

My mom has a raging addiction. She is currently addicted to buying Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes and giving them to me. I, on the other hand, have a problem telling people I don't want their Christmas trees. So basically, our relationship is perfect.

I have four Christmas trees and no, I am not Martha Stewart, thank-you-very-much. I've had them for a few years, but have only put up two. This year, seeing that my children at ages 5 and 2 are 3% less needy than last year, I decided to throw sanity to the wind and put them all up.

We have a tall one in the front foyer and then we have a more "homey" one in the family room. Then I came across this 4.5 foot tree in the bowels of the basement and was stumped for a second. Stumped because 4.5 feet for a Christmas tree is weird. It's too short to play basketball, but too tall for gymnastics. It's just in between. Story of my life.

I decided to pawn it off on the children. When we were putting the ornaments on the other trees, I found myself nodding enthusiastically to the question, "Can I put this ornament on myself?" But then diving face first under each ornament to shield its inevitable fall to the ground. Most times I pretended to let them hang the ornaments. They were on to me. They are not stupid.

This is what led me to my decision to let them have this tree -- make the ornaments, hang them. I gave them executive rights to the tree. All decisions became theirs. With that being said, they "decided" to color these pictures I reduced down to 50% and printed.

They cut them out and then we popped a hole in the top with a hole punch, cut some yarn, tied a knot and voila! We have ornaments to their liking. (My high school French impresses both you and my 5-year-old who loves to watch the French black and white duo Gaspar and Lisa.)

Since my oldest daughter is in kindergarten, coloring and cutting are the fine motor skills we're trying to develop. My youngest daughter just rolls with it.

So if you know anyone with a tree-buying and tree-giving addiction, this is an easy, fun and ongoing (that word being very important now that it's winter) project that should help develop some skills.

Au revoir!

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