Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flowers and Butterflies Birthday Invites

Lucky for me (if not for anyone else), I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Phew!

The weather hasn't been too too hot so I hate spending time inside (working on blog posts), forcing my kids to play inside when we'll have an incredibly long winter to do that. So we've been soaking up the sun.  In between Shadow of Night (I was lucky enough to be first on the library's hold list), the sequel to A Discovery of Witches, Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef, plus planning a birthday party for my favorite five-year-old, I haven't had much time for anything else.

But with the party come and gone, I am hoping my time will loosen up slightly, so I can get back to blogging! And my first post since my two-week hiatus are these super cute flowers and butterflies birthday party invitations that are easy to make IF you have a Cricut! If you recall, last year we had Chuggington birthday invites. Funny how one year can change so much...

Flowers and Butterflies Birthday Invites


Brown card stock for base
White card stock for message
Orange card stock for side bar
Various-colored card stock for flowers, butterflies and leaves
Double-sided tape
Small zots
Computer and printer
Cricut machine
Walk in My Garden cartridge
Doodlecharms cartridge

Start by measuring your envelope and cutting out the base of your invite .25" smaller on each side. My envelope measured  7.25 x 5.25", so I cut my brown base 7 x 5".

I then created a document in a page layout program that measured 6.5 x 4.5" with my invite message on it. I created a PDF from the document and selected the crop mark option so I had guides when I wanted to crop them on my Fiskars cutting machine. I printed the PDF on white card stock and cut it using the crop marks around the document.

I then cut a piece of orange card stock that measured 2.25 x 4.5" for the left-hand side of the image. I placed some double-sided tape on the back.

And then I attached it to the white printed card stock.

And then I attached that to the brown bases I cut earlier.

Next I built my flowers on the orange side. I cut out a strip of green for the stem using scrap paper. I attached it using a toothpick and Zots that I had torn into tiny pieces.

Then I cut out three cone flowers using the Walk in My Garden Cricut cartridge, sized .5", .75" and 1.5". I also cut out corresponding yellow pieces to attach to the middle of the cone flowers at the exact same sizes.

I attached the largest one to the top of the stem using double-sided tape.

I attached the yellow piece to the inside of the flower using double-sided tape.

I created two more stems from the scrap green paper by just cutting out small, thin strips. I attached them to the base of the main stem using a toothpick and torn Zots.

I attached the .75" cone flower to one side using double-sided tape.

And repeated the process on the other side with the .5" cone flower.

I added their corresponding yellow pieces using double-sided tape.

Then I cut out a 1" flower pot on brown card stock using my Walk in My Garden cartridge. I attached it using double-sided tape and covered the bottom of the stems.

I cut out two different-sized leaves using the Walk in My Garden cartridge and the same green card stock from the stems. I cut two of the 2" and 1 of the 1.5" leaves. I attached one of the larger leaves to the right side of the flowers with Zots and a toothpick.

And I attached the other leaves to the remaining stems using the same process.

Then I cut out two butterflies (or dragonflies) from the Doodlecharms cartridge. One was 1.5" and the other was .75". They are cut with two tiny slits on each side of the body.

To make them "fly" all you have to do is bend each wing at each slit.

And the wings stay lifted.

I attached the butterflies to the right of the invite message using double-sided tape.

With the butterflies' wings extended, it looks like they are flying over the invite.

I repeated this entire process for all of the invites.

Once all of the pieces were cut, the assembly went rather quickly. I highly recommend cutting everything out in advance and then moving on to the assembly stage. I mailed them standard US postage in the matching envelopes and they arrived unharmed.

Perfect for a precious five-year-old girl!

You can bet your bottom-dollar that there's plenty of more flower and butterfly party decorations coming up in future blog posts!

Until then,

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