Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cotton Ball Chicks

Houston, we finally got the craft. I repeat, we finally got the craft for the pre-kindergarten party.

You heard me right. This spring break week we are craftin' in anticipation of our pre-kindergarten Easter party on Monday. I had no idea what to do, felt sort of like a deer in headlights who was being taunted by a pile of empty egg cartons.

And then victoriously I jumped up and I shouted: We will make chicks! Cotton ball chicks in egg carton cups!

I sort of spun around with my battle cry and locked eyes with my two children, who simultaneously cocked their heads in a hesitant confusion.

Ignoring them, I ran to get the cotton balls.

Cotton Ball Chicks

I didn't exactly know how I was going to achieve this in a way that was easy for little hands and not complicated at all. But, it came together rather quickly and quite honestly, the hardest part to this Easter and spring craft is getting the adhesive peels off the backs of the googly eyes.

For some reason, it was very important to me that I use things I had around the house. I did not under any circumstances want to make a trip to the craft store; I was a scary thrifty woman on a mission.

Here's exactly what you need:

Cotton balls
Yellow marker
Googly eyes
White or cream photo corners
Orange marker
Orange pipe cleaners
Empty egg cartons
Pink grass

Here's how to make them:

For the pre-kindergarteners, I have all of the supplies read for them, bagged in individual portions, so they can focus their motor skills on assembling the chick -- which is the best part! Here's the pre-work you must do:

Color as many cotton balls that you need (two per chick) using a yellow marker. Allow to dry on a paper towel.

I tried dying these with some India Tree yellow food coloring. The color was great, but the water caused them to lose their soft fluffly chick-like cotton ball-ness.

So I resorted to a marker which I think worked out well. But now I know you can successfully dye cotton balls for different applications! I actually think the swirled yellow and white adds character to these little chicks!

I wouldn't use washable markers, because I found the glue or any slight liquid caused the color to bleed slightly. Oh and your hands though, may turn yellow, but c'mon: Take one for the team!

Next, color the photo corners.

Using your orange marker, carefully color the small triangle on top making sure to get all of the edges.

Once dry, turn over the corner and carefully pull off one edge.

Our goal here is to get the orange-colored triangle off so we can use it as a beak. Flatten it out on a hard surface.

Cut it carefully along the edge using scissors. Recolor any edge you might have missed.

Using your scissors, cut each egg portion from the egg carton to make little cups.

Set those aside.  Cut out roughly a two-inch piece of orange pipe cleaner.

Now you have all of your supplies ready for assembly!

To assemble with your pre-kindergartener:

Squeeze some glue in the middle of one cotton ball.

Top with the other cotton ball and let dry for one minute.

Peel the backs off the of the self-adhesive googly eyes (this was the hardest part for my pre-k girl). Place the eyes on the head of the chick.

Place a little glue below the eyes and place the beak on it. Allow to dry for a minute or so.

Bend the pipe cleaner in half to make a V and place some glue at the point. Gently push your chick on top to connect.

Place the pink grass in the bottom of the egg cup.

Push your little chick inside and now your project is complete!

I contemplated gluing the chick in the egg cup, but my pre-k girl was having so much fun hopping the chick around that I decided against it.

Happy Spring!


  1. These are adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing how to make them. We're going to have to make these! My girls would really like making these.

    Love your blog...been visiting for a while now and really enjoy all your recipes and crafts! Keep up the good work! And a very Happy Easter to you and your family! :)

    1. Awww! Thank you so much! Happy Easter!

  2. These are so cute! I teach a preschool class and we are going to do this craft tomorrow! Thank you so much for sharing!


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