Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Decorations

One week before our Minnie Mouse birthday party, I decided to fire up the Cricut and make some Minnie Mouse decorations to hang all over the house.

And then I had this crazy idea to make a banner. I just love banners. Wouldn't a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday banner be so cute, I thought wildly to myself.

Oh, and we need another banner over the drink table with some floating Minnie Mouse heads, I thought.

And some Minnie Mouse tree ornaments too.

It's a good thing I bought all of those packages of card stock on sale at Michaels a few weeks ago. I wish I would have started sooner, though, because I really could have used a few more...

Minnie Mouse-Themed Birthday Banner

In my mind, what makes this a Minnie Mouse-themed banner are the colors. I pulled the exact same colors from the Minnie Mouse invitations I created a few weeks back and used them in this banner. I didn't want to string mouse-eared heads together because I thought that might be overkill with all of the other mouse-eared food and decorations already planned. So I used black, red, white and yellow as the colors and literally tied the whole thing together with some red and white polka dot ribbon.

It was really simple, but because I used the Cricut to cut everything out, it was a teeny weeny time consuming. But lesson learned -- I'll just start earlier next time! This also eats up a lot of paper, so buy up those big 50 packs of card stock when they are on sale. They work perfectly for a project like this!


A Cricut machine or something else that creates large shapes
If using the Cricut, cartridges Celebrations for the shapes and Cuttin' UP for the letters
Black, red, white and yellow card stock
Red and white polka dot ribbon, black ribbon and yellow ribbon
Circle punches
Hole punch
Double-sided tape

I decided to start my banner using a scalloped square measuring 8" (using the blackout option).

I then cut a smaller smooth-sided square at 9" (no options) to place inside. I adhered it using double-sided tape.

I cut out all of my letters 7" using the Cuttin' UP cartridge.

Yikes! I sure do need a new mat, don't I? I actually went out at night (which I never do because I am the antithesis of a vampire) to buy one from JoAnns and they did not have any left in stock. Of course. The one time in practically five years I venture out past 7:00 pm and it's completely unsuccessful and useless.

I centered the letters and stuck them on using double-sided tape.

I decided I wanted the first and last letter to be on squares and to have all of the middle letters on circles, alternating the colors of the scalloped and regular shape. So I set out cutting my shapes and taping them together.

I lined them up to make sure my brain was working properly.

I added all of the letters.

And I stacked them up.

The next step was to join them using ribbon. I used three strands of ribbon, red and white polka dot, black and yellow. I cut the ribbon about 8" in length and set it aside.

I lined up two letters at a time, figured out where I wanted them joined (while they were stacked) and punched a hole.

I pulled the ribbon through from the bottom up of one letter.

And then placed the second letter on top and pulled the ribbon through the top.

I tied a knot, pulling snugly to secure.

I repeated this process on the remaining letters of the word. Then I noticed that some of my red and white polka dot ribbon was flipping to the wrong side after I tied it.

So I trimmed the ribbon with scissors, flipped it over and secured it using a zot. This way it would stay put and not mock me from across the room during the party...

After stringing them all together, I felt it still needed something, like a pop of color. So I decided to add different sized small circles to each letter out of yellow card stock.

I only put them on every other letter.

I loved the way it turned out. So I decided that one banner for a two-year old's birthday was simply not enough and made another one. 

For this one, I used two shades of pink, white and sage green card stock. I used the exact same measurements and process to create the second banner.

The only real Minnie Mouse tie was the pink and white polka dot ribbon I used to string them together. I did, however, flank this banner with some Minnie Mouse heads that were so easy to make.

Minnie Mouse Ornaments

I used the same process to create three different kinds of Minnie Mouse head decorations -- the hanging Minnie heads you see above (in a multitude of colors), the Minnie heads I taped around the pink and white banner;

and these Minnie tree ornaments.

I basically took the pattern from the head I made for the birthday invites and changed the size for these three different elements. This was a breeze too.


Card stock
Double-sided tape

I cut out the four smaller circles and two larger circles using my Cricut machine and Celebrations cartridge (the circles could also be cut out by hand). Because these were going to be seen from both sides, I wanted it clean on each side. so that's why I doubled the amount of circles. 

I taped the small circles together first.

Then I positioned the ears just right on the head (this may drive you a bit crazy) and taped them on.

For the smaller tree ornaments, I cut out a piece of ribbon about 6" in length.

I created a loop with the ribbon in the middle of Minnie's head.

And then, using double-sided tape, I adhered the final circle on top of the this one.

I created a few in different colors using the same process and same dimensions. The ears or smaller circles were cut at 2.25" and the head or bigger circles were 3.5 inches. 

I cut some more ribbon and created some bows to glue on.

Using craft glue, I adhered them on the ornaments and allowed them to dry with heavy objects placed on top of them.

You might be wondering why I have a tree hanging out in my living room. My mom bought me this tree from Pottery Barn Kids for Easter that had Easter egg ornaments to hang on it. After a little trial and error, I found the perfect spot in my living room for it and the tree looked so good, I didn't want to take it down last Easter. I kept saying I was going to make ornaments for each holiday and hang them on there. Well, it's been almost a year and I finally got around to it with my very first Minnie Mouse ornaments!

For the other heads I created, I added the letter 2 from my Celebrations cartridge.

I just used zots to adhere the two to the center of the head.

Here are a few more dimensions for different sizes:

Large Minnie -- the head is 16", the ears are 9" and the number 2 is 7"
Medium Minnie -- the head is 9", the ears are 6"and the number 2 is 4"
Small Minnie -- the head is 7", the ears are 4.5" and the number 2 is 2.75"

I created all different sizes and colors and hung them around the house with different colored ribbon to match! I used a whole punch and some DMC floss to hang these from the ceiling.

We loved this template so much, that my mom took it, made a sweet little dress for my sweet little girl and used it as an applique on the bottom. 

One thing is for sure: We love Minnie Mouse!


  1. These decorations are so cute! I found you off a google search. What kind of ribbon did you use for the big red bows?

  2. Thank you! I used ribbon without wire. I tend to be a lousy wire-ribboned bow maker!

  3. I am so inspired for my little girl's 2nd Birthday party. Thanks !!!

  4. Hey. I appreciate your efforts for making the birthday banner. Its looking awesome.

  5. Omg thats the cutes thing ever loved it.. Grate ideas :D

  6. I was inceredibly inspired for my daughter's first birthday party. She loves the colour red, so I was on the hunt for something that was kid friendly & red so I chose Minnie Mouse for her party theme (this coming December). However, everything in stores is Pink for Minnie Mouse :( When I saw your invite idea on Pinterest, I quickly went to your blog post so that I could see if there was more - and there was! I am in the process of finishing the Minnie Mouse head decorations and had a blast making everything for my daughter. Thank you for posting the how-to steps and pictures :)

  7. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas! The tree with the Minnie ornaments is precious!

  8. What are the numbers made of? Your decorations are awesome!!!!


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