Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Cards and A Very Merry Christmas

I'm not sure about you, but my family really created a complete and total mess celebrating what turned out to be a very merry Christmas this year. It all started with the holiday cards. I was up late a few nights creating these guys because everything came to head all at once it seemed -- preschool nativity game, christmas truffles and Christmas Eve prep.

The night before Christmas Eve, I finished getting the house cleaned and the table set.

We finally put up window cling nativity scene we received as a gift from preschool.

The house was all set. The next day, complete and total destruction began with two simple books and a pink car.

It continued through the night.

And of course, began again in the wee hours of Christmas morning.

After the destruction was complete, I was finally able to break in both of the best gifts I got this Christmas. First with my new Garmin (this thing is SO cool). And it was a pretty awesome run on Christmas morning I might add.

And then with my brand-new Hello Kitty toaster.

As I mentioned in a Facebook status update, it looked like Al's Toy Barn blew up inside our house on Monday. It was not a pretty sight. But my husband and I banded together, purging the old to make way for the new.

I was just so happy I was able to finish our holiday greeting cards through it all!

Sugar and Spice Holiday Cards

The first thing I did was get our holiday Christmas pictures taken and had a bunch of wallet-sized pictures printed. The next thing I did was scavenge through my envelope bin to see if I had a surplus of any envelopes I could use for this project. And I did. I had more than enough red #10 envelopes (it's a total time and wallet saver to pick up envelopes in the masses when clearanced or on sale). 

I went to Hobby Lobby during a 50% off scrapbook paper sale and picked out some colors that I thought would look nice. And since practically all of the scrapbook merchandise was on sale, I bought anything that I though was cute that might work later -- ribbon, gingerbread men, buttons. I return whatever I don't use or keep it if I got an exceptionally good price.


Brown textured card stock
Patterned holiday paper
Green textured card stock
Red heart buttons
Brown floss
White card stock
Foam gingerbread men
Red envelopes

I ended up reusing patterned paper I used about 5 years ago for our Christmas cards -- I had just the perfect amount left -- and some green textured card stock I used on that same Christmas card. I also picked some red buttons from Hobby Lobby and gingerbread foam sticky men I got on sale at Michaels.

I started by cutting the base to my card in brown. Since my envelope was 9 1/4" x 4 1/4" I cut the base of the card at 9" x 4". I proceeded to cut my second layer (patterned paper) at 8 1/2" x 3 1/2" and adhere it to the base using double-sided tape.

I cut the base for my picture on green textured card stock at 4 x 3" and attached the two together using double-sided tape.

I could have very easily attached the buttons to each corner using glue, but I thought the button holes would have looked kind of lonely with no thread in them. So I took on the time-consuming task of sewing two buttons to each picture. I started by holding the button over the area where I wanted it to lay. I poked the needle through each hole to create pre-existing holes.

I cut two strands (of six strands each) of brown floss about 3 to 4" in length. Then I threaded the needle with one set of six strands.

Coming up from the bottom, I pulled the needle through the first hole.

I looped the needle over the top of the button and pulled it down through the second hole.

I flipped over the card and tied a knot on the back.

I sewed the buttons on an a bit of an angle.

Then, using double-sided tape, I adhered the picture to the base of the card.

Next, I created a message in Microsoft Word and printed it out on white smooth card stock and cut it 4" x 3".

I taped it on the bottom and added a little gingerbread man in the bottom corner to keep the sugar and spice theme going.

The card was finished!

The hardest (or most time-consuming part) of this particular project was sewing on the buttons. I did them all on a Sunday night while watching the finale to Next Iron Chef. My fingers were pretty sore the next day (I really could have used a thimble), but the result was so worth it!


  1. Your cards are so cute! I am bookmarking this idea for sure!

  2. Our house was destroyed too!

  3. OMG, these are so cute! Love sewing the buttons on!

  4. to save your fingers next time you might try using a thumb tack or long quilting pin to make the starter holes.

  5. Thank you! Great tip for the sore fingers!


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