Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Card

Muno! Foofa! Plex! Brobee! Toodee! The only character we're missing is DJ Lance in this cute and easy Yo Gabba Gabba homemade birthday card.

We recently went to a 2nd birthday party and I remembered that the little girl whose birthday it was just went to a Yo Gabba Gabba (or Yo Yo Gabba as we call it) show. I thought it might be nice to make our gift a Yo Yo Gabba-themed gift.

I recall the first time my husband put Yo Gabba Gabba on the tv (quite on accident I think) for my oldest daughter who was probably around two at the time. I was mortified. It was so weird and c'mon, Tone Loc on a children's show? Yuck.

But my daughter was hooked and cried hysterically when I shut it off. I remember not knowing why the she was crying and then I realized, if I put Yo Gabba Gabba on, she'll stop crying. I remember telling my mom on the phone and she said she felt the same about Sesame Street when it first came on. She thought it was so weird. (Which now we think is so funny that Sesame Street could be considered weird, but it's all relative, right?)

But I got used to Yo Gabba Gabba and now I actually find the characters endearing. My youngest daughter only has eyes for Mickey Mouse though. On occasion, she plays with a random Yo Gabba Gabba toy. (If it looks chew-worthy enough.)

Anyhow, it was a Friday night right after dinner and I thought my oldest and I could do a little coloring together, so I quickly googled "free Yo Gabba Gabba coloring pages" and finally settled on this image for a few reasons: It was a large enough size to be scaled down to fit in the red envelope I wanted to use and I liked how they were lined up all in one row.

I scaled it so it would fit nicely into that red envelope I mentioned earlier. Then I printed it on card stock and proceeded to color the image using colored pencils.

Then I cut out the base of the card at 9.5" x 4". I then trimmed the picture to 8 5/8" x 4 1/16" and adhered it with double-sided tape.

Then in the white area to the right, I figured I had a couple inches for a message, so I cut out yellow scrap paper at 2 3/4" x 2" and then I printed a message on white card stock. I cut the white card stock out at 2 1/2" x 1 3/4", then I attached it to the yellow scrap paper using double-sided tape and then attached it the same way to the card itself.

My daughter was so amazed to see the black and white coloring page we printed out from the computer come to life that I think I may do this with other birthday parties!

I tried finding some Yo Gabba Gabba toys to go along with the card, but I couldn't find one thing. Last year there were so many in stores. I seriously could not find one (and I went to a many stores looking). I'm not sure if Yo Gabba Gabba is losing popularity or if I was just caught in between merchandising periods or something. Even if you can't find any Yo Gabba Gabba toys, you can still make this super cute (and totally easy) birthday card!


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