Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Mickey Mouse T-Shirts

Clearly, we love wearing our DIY Mickey Mouse t-shirts. We wear them quite often.

My youngest daughter is a Mickey Mouse Clubhouser to the very core. She was a colickly baby with acid reflux, stomach discomfort and food intolerance issues -- she spent most days (and nights) crying. It was exhausting. Utterly exhausting. My mom spent almost everyday at our house helping out which I think saved my life. Literally.

I stumbled across my daughter's love for Mickey quite accidentally. She was about 9 months old and I had just been through a very tiring day with her. She was sitting in her bouncy chair and I was washing dishes when by chance, Mickey Mouse waltzed onto the TV screen talking about magic words and clubhouses. She stopped fussing almost immediately and was entranced (and quiet -- HOLY COW!). I remember running to the back door to tell my husband about her instant affair with Mickey and calling my mom and saying, "It's the weirdest thing..." 

So obviously, for her first birthday last January, we made it a Mickey Mouse-themed party with the Wilton cake and all:

I spent all day making that cake. And the funny thing about that cake was the candle did not want to blow out:

Uh, hello? Look at my niece's eyeballs popping out of her head because the flame refused to die:

Let's try this again:

It did eventually blow out. With lots and lots of spit on the cake.

I also made these Mickey Mouse t-shirts for me, my husband, kids and niece to wear. I was originally going to buy some shirts, but quickly cabashed that plan as I didn't feel like dropping $100 on t-shirts. It ended up being so easy and inexpensive to make myself.

All I did was buy plain t-shirts at Hobby Lobby. (I like the way the Hobby Lobby t-shirts fit and they also sell matching onsies which I needed for the baby.) I got them 50% off, so I think I spent a total of $12 on all five t-shirts. I bought a few 8.5 x 11 sheets of black felt which I don't think even equaled $1.

I then found a Mickey Mouse ear template online and resized it five ways to fit each of the five shirts (we're all different sizes). And then I printed out all five templates on card stock and cut it out. I proceeded to pin each template to a piece of black felt.

I then cut out each "ear piece" in the black felt.

Using fabric glue, I glued each "ear piece" the the center of each shirt. The felt is porous and the glue was white, so I simply lightly colored in the few places the glue seeped through using a black sharpie marker.

She is still a Mickey girl through and through to this day. Actually both of my kids have a love affair with Mickey Mouse, so we hightailed it to Disney on Ice this past Sunday and yes, broke out our Mickey Mouse shirts.

I have washed these shirts numerous times and they haven't bled, peeled, pilled -- they look exactly like the first day I made them.

I don't think we've seen the end of Mickey, though. We may have to redo the Mickey Mouse theme for her second birthday in January because she and Mickey are still going strong.


  1. These are really so cute. I love that all of the girls have pink!

  2. Super cute shirts! The girls really look so pretty with those pink Mickey Mouse shirts. Great job on making it.

  3. i love it! exactly what i was looking for for my niece's 1st birthday thank you!

  4. What kind of fabric glue did you use?. what was the brand name?. Thanks


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