Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quick Sweet Snack Without the Sugar: Green Jello Mold

After I had my second daughter, not only did my curly hair become pin straight, but I also lost the ability to digest gluten and sugar. I really don't have the slightest idea why, but after much trial and error and elimination, I was able to pinpoint both gluten and sugar as the culprits to my achy joints, headaches, seasonal allergies that were no longer just seasonal, restless nights and elevated body temperature. As soon as I eliminated these two things from my diet, it all went away. As soon as I bring these things into my diet, they all come back.

Go figure.

But eliminating these two things hasn't been exactly easy. The gluten I can deal with; it's the sugar that I desperately miss. I was one of those people who used to say, "Dessert first, please." I would save candy bars for later and I would eat around the chocolate ganache in the middle of a piece of cake so I could save it for last and savor each and every bite.

The rest of my family still eats both gluten and sugar (my youngest daughter, though, cannot tolerate dairy just yet), which is why my recipes feature all sorts of different meals. But I am still faced with the task of creating treats and snacks for myself that satisfy my undying, unrelenting sweet tooth -- without using sugar. (I have even found that agave nectar and honey don't always agree with me.)

As luck would have it, I was innocently watching Top Chef Masters the other day, when the chefs were tasked with recreating dishes from the 1960s. One of those dishes was ambrosia salad (which they were all retching at the idea of). It instantly reminded me of what my family simply calls Green Jello Mold. When I was growing up, I looked forward to each and every family party because I just knew that Green Jello Mold was going to grace the table.

It was this luscious concoction of smooth and creamy goodness. I was its biggest fan. And to continue the tradition, each family party I host, Green Jello Mold always graces my table. My mouth started watering as I sadly sat on the couch thinking of my most favorite dessert. And then it occurred to me: I can make this sugar-free. I thought it once more to really drive it home: I CAN MAKE THIS SUGAR-FREE! And so we have the Sugar-Free Green Jello Mold (it also happens to be gluten-free too!)

Sugar-Free Green Jello Mold

Makes 2 Servings*


1 cup cottage cheese (any kind, I use 1%)
1/2 cup crushed pineapple in juice, drained and squeezed dry in a colander
1/2 cup sugar-free cool whip
1 teaspoon sugar-free lime jello


Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl.

Refrigerate for roughly four hours so the gelatin firms up a bit.

Pretty quick I would say!

*If you want to make this in a larger quantity (like I do for parties), just use a 24 ounce container of cottage cheese, a 12 ounce container of cool whip, a 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple and a .60 ounce box of jello.


  1. I have the same problem with gluten. It literally came out of nowhere. Thanks for your insight and thanks for your awesome recipes!

    Sherrie B.


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