Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plastic Easter Egg Bunnies and Carrots

Today was one gloomy day in a series of about seven and my oldest daughter was feeling under the weather, so we thought today would be a great day to make our plastic Easter egg bunnies and carrots.

My daughter came home from preschool with a note saying she needed to bring in six plastic Easter eggs filled with goodies for an Easter egg hunt. So I was thinking, "What can we do to liven up these boring plastic eggs?" A few minutes later, I found a bunch of cute Easter crafts here.

This was the perfect craft for a three-year-old. We made some eggs for preschool, some eggs for our cousins and some eggs for our very own Easter egg hunt on Holy Saturday.

Here's exactly what you need:

Plastic eggs
Pipe cleaners
Pom poms

  • Cut a pipe cleaner in half and bend it to resemble bunny ears. Make them any size you wish.
  • There are two holes on every top and every bottom of all plastics eggs. I have no idea why. But it's great because in order to make the bunny ears or the green carrot tops, all you have to do is put the tip of scissors in and move it around a bit to make the hole slightly bigger.

    • Stick the bottom two ends of the pipe cleaner in the hole, pull down to the desired length and bend over to clasp in place.

    • Adhere the eyes, glue on the nose and add any other embellishments with the marker.

      • For the carrots, simply flip the egg around. Instead of making bunny ears, you're going to make carrot tops by bending the pipe cleaner in half and inserting it in the hole using the bent end instead of the open two ends.


        1. This is way too cute! I have GOT to make these for my nieces. They'll love them.

        2. I like your imagination and concept

        3. I wish I could take credit, but I found it on another craft site!!


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