Monday, March 28, 2011

Everybody Shout What's the Big Idea -- Imagination Mover's T-Shirts

We are all about Disney Junior in this house, so when I saw that the Imagination Movers were going to be in town for a show, I had to get tickets for my niece and oldest daughter.

And since the movers wear blue jumpsuits with their names on the front, I just had to try and make blue personalized t-shirts for them. After a little trial and error, it worked!

Here's how I did it:

  • So first, I created the red and yellow image for the front with their nicknames. I used Photoshop to do this. Then I searched online for the Imagination Movers logo and found the perfect one!

  • Using the Hane's software program the iron-on transfers came with (which I must admit, it is kind of an antiquated program. My husband and I joked it was from 1983), I prepped the images for print. It only came with five transfers, so I wanted to conserve space and print two images to a sheet.

  • After you print it onto the transfer, you simply cut out the image.

    Listen very closely. This is very, very, very important. Before you print, MAKE SURE the mirror image box is UNCHECKED. Otherwise, you're going to print out backwards images and have a backwards image on your t-shirt. I never iron-on transferred anything, so when it printed out backwards, I thought that was normal and that when you iron it on, you must flip it or something. That simply wasn't the case:

    After this happened, I was so discouraged. It was the night before the show (procrastination much anyone, anyone?) I decided to iron right over it with another one (the right way, of course) to see what would happen and it worked! It smudged a little at the bottom, but I think I kept the hot iron on it too long. Who knew. (My question to the makers of this software: WHY WOULD THE DEFAULT SETTING BE MIRROR-IMAGE???)


    • Anyhow, you adhere the transfer using an iron set on the highest heat, no steam and with no water. You place the parchment paper it comes with directly over the transfer and iron in a complete motion for about 30 seconds. They all came out great.

      I seriously loved it. I couldn't believe how cool it looked. I think I was more excited than the girls. The next morning, my husband came downstairs after his shower and was looking for his shirt. I told him I didn't make him one and I think he was seriously so disappointed. It was too funny because he went on and on and on about how he thought he had one...

      The concert was awesome!

      And the kids loved their shirts!

      This was a very inexpensive way to make memorable t-shirts that will hopefully hold a memory for a lifetime!


      1. Hi Gina C - I was wondering how well these wash? I did iron on before but they only took about 2 or 3 washings before they looked terrible. I think these shirts look awesome, but wouldn't want to 'waste' my time and money again if it didn't stay nice longer. I'm hoping you transfers were just better than mine!
        Thanks! Gina D :)

      2. Hi! I've washed them once in cold water and haven't put them in the dryer and they are ok. I hope they don't start to break down after multiple washings...maybe if I keep it out of heat, they'll be ok! After I wash it a few more times, I'll update this and let you know!

      3. Oh my god, how cute! My kids love these guys,

      4. I know; they're a great group. And the shirts are now the kids' "special" shirts from the concert!

      5. Well I have washed this shirt a number of times -- all in cold water and hung it dry and no peeling or cracking!

      6. That is a good idea

        Janell Riggs

      7. Gina-
        Where did you find that particular iron-on

        1. I purchased the dark transfer iron on from Hobby Lobby.


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